Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Drop in Speakers Review

The Alta wireless Bluetooth helmet speakers offer a more convenient way for you to control many of the features on your smartphone, and listen to your favorite music, hands-free. These speakers feature a similar design to a standard pair of headphones, however, their slim fit design allows you to comfortably wear them while you’re wearing a helmet. The sleeker design combined with their high functionality and simple controls make these speakers one of the best-sellers in Alta’s product lineup.

Our Verdict: These speakers feature a slim fit design that will allow you to wear them with any type of helmet, even ¾ models. The simple setup, combined with the intuitive controls make these speakers very beginner-friendly, however, if you want to use them as an upgrade, they will only work for Alta brand communication systems. If you’re simply looking for speakers that you can use with your smartphone, then this model is a great buy.

In terms of sound quality, these speakers excel. The fact that they offer Bluetooth and voice command functionality is also a huge selling point for many potential buyers. Since they feature a design that’s similar to that of traditional headphones, you don’t have to worry about a complicated installation process or the speakers sliding out of place while you ride. Overall, this set is a great buy for the rider on a budget who needs speakers that are packing more power, and all for a price that’s more affordable.

Overview and Features

These slim fit speakers offer high definition sound, combined with a forty millimeter driver and a wireless 5.0 Bluetooth chip. This set offers a well-balanced sound, improved clarity and deep bass that’s crystal clear, even when the volume is cranked up all the way.

If you’re tired of dealing with overpriced speakers designed for helmet use, then Alta offers the perfect solution, producing speakers that are slim enough that they can be worn with any type of helmet, a slim fit design that’s actually comfortable, and intuitive controls that make it easy to answer a call, change a song, or activate voice controls.

Alta Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Drop in Speakers

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

  • Slim fit design
  • Low price
  • Intuitive controls
  • Voice commands
  • Built-in mic
  • Bluetooth compatible

Hands-Free Experience

The ability to control the volume, change tracks, and answer calls, without having to reach for your phone, allows you to focus on the road and basically enhances your riding experience by making communicating with people, listening to GPS navigation, or tunes, simple and easy.

This is accomplished with the help of Google Voice or Siri. If you want to skip a track, answer a call, make a call, or access your GPS, you can use basic voice prompts by hitting the right button two times to activate.


These speakers come equipped with a built-in mic, which allows you to use voice commands to control many of the speaker’s functions, allowing you to use your smartphone without actually holding it. The built-in mic is just one of the handy features these speakers have to offer.


Unlike competing sets, this is one of the best motorcycle helmet speaker systems, simply because it’s so versatile. You can use these speakers with any type of helmet, smartphone, and Alta speaker systems. Since it works with both Google Voice and Siri, you can sync these speakers with either an iOS or Android device.

On average, you’ll come across a wide variety of speakers designed to fit in different types of helmets, however, many of these systems are simply a small upgrade for existing helmet communication systems. That’s where these speakers are different.

If you don’t have a helmet headset communication system and you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on one, then these versatile speakers are an excellent alternative and one that can save you plenty of cash. If you have an Android or iOS device, then you’ll love how these speakers allow you to easily control your smartphone, making them a true pleasure to use when you’re on the road.


In terms of helmet style compatibility, these speakers will work for any style, brand, make and model. This means you can use them with any leading motorcycle helmet brand.

With other brands of helmet speakers, you may be very limited in terms of which type of helmet the speakers can be worn with, especially if you don’t have a helmet that has recessed spaces inside to accommodate speakers. But this set offers a unique slim fit design that allows you to slide them into any style of helmet, even those with a snug fit.

If you’re new to riding life and you’re not sure which type of helmet will work the best for you, click here to check out my guide on the different helmet styles available.


These speakers were designed by snowboarders and skiers that wanted to create speakers that offered easy to use, intuitive controls and a hassle-free user experience that you just can’t get from competing models. These speakers come equipped with three large buttons that make it easy for you to control and access any function on your phone, without removing your gloves or helmet. Rely on voice commands, or use one of the three buttons to control the speaker’s volume, pause music, skip a track, or access Siri or Google Voice.

These basic controls will make it easy for you to increase or decrease the volume, activate the voice command feature, or quickly shut off the speakers. Many competing models will come equipped with a single button, which will require you to cycle through all the commands, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. Fortunately, these speakers offer the type of intuitive highly accessible controls that can make life on the road easier.


These speakers feature durable housing that’s sweat resistant. The speakers can also handle extreme temperatures.

Battery Life

This set will work for up to ten hours per charge. Charge time will take approximately one hour, which is better than average. Keep in mind, streaming music or using GPS navigation can drain the batteries at a faster rate.

Sound Quality

Offering stellar sound quality, you can listen to music in high definition while you’re riding your bike across the country. The sound is well-balanced, so you won’t have to deal with distortion or flat vocals, even with the volume cranked.

Since the speakers offer a higher volume, you can easily carry a conversation or listen to music, without the roar of your bike’s engine or noise from other motorists on the road impacting the sound quality, or preventing you from enjoying your favorite tunes. This is a huge selling point for any rider who has purchased speakers in the past that were very limited in terms of the volume level. unfortunately, quiet speakers are too common, which is what can make it difficult to find a speaker system that will work, even when you’re flying down the highway.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Slim fit design
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Easy setup
  • Voice commands
  • Simple controls
  • Low price


  • Speakers are not compatible with other types of communication systems other than models made by Alta

Alta Speakers Versus Sena SMH5-A0307 Slim Speaker for Bluetooth Headset

The competing speaker system by Sena is a great upgrade if you’ve purchased a Sena brand communication system and you’re in desperate need of speakers that are more powerful and offer better sound quality. These smaller speakers can easily be mounted inside your speakers and are Bluetooth compatible, just like the Alta brand speaker system.

These corded speakers don’t offer the same level of convenience or sound quality that you’ll get from the Alta speakers. Instead, they’re best-suited as an upgrade for an existing communication system, although they can be paired with other Bluetooth compatible devices, but if you’re looking for speakers that can offer excellent sound quality, then you’ll be disappointed to learn that these speakers tend to experience some distortion when you crank up the volume. If you’re looking for a serious upgrade in terms of sound quality and versatility, then I’d stick with the speakers by Alta.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

These slim fit speakers by Alta have a lot to offer in terms of convenience and sound clarity. They’re easy to set up and use, thanks to their versatility and the ability to pair them with any type of smartphone. While in terms of helmet communication systems, they can only be used with Alta brands, due to their unique design, they will still be an excellent choice if you’re looking for louder speakers that are easy to control, ones that offer better than average sound quality and volume level, and a pair of headphones you can rely on to get you through a long trip on the road. These speakers earned a rating of four and a half out of five stars.