Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands


When you’re shopping around for a new motorcycle helmet, you want a model that’s designed by one of the best motorcycle helmet brands in the industry. An established company with a solid reputation and a record for producing the safest, tech-heavy helmets will ensure you not only buy one of the safest helmets on the market, but also one that has a rep for being comfortable, and equipped with an innovative ventilation system that’s designed to keep you cool and comfortable on your journey.

But considering the rise in popularity of riding, you’ll have dozens of brands to choose from, which can make it difficult to determine which brand offers a product line that can deliver all the features you’re looking for.

Here, you’ll find an extensive list of the top helmet brands in the industry that are crushing the market, which ones earned a higher than average safety rating, and what exactly makes these companies stand out from the competition.

Top Helmet Manufacturers that are Crushing it

Below, you’ll find a list of the companies that are paving the way in the industry, by producing helmets that offer top of the line protection and a comfortable fit that will enhance your riding experience, keep you nice and cool, and allow you to enjoy wearing your helmet for a longer period of time. While there are many leading brands out there, there are only a handful that produces helmets that can check all the boxes in terms of protection, breathability, anti-fog technology, comfort, and style.



This is a Japanese company that’s based out of Tokyo. This company started way back in 1959, and they’re known for their breathable, comfortable high-end helmets. In fact, they were one of the first companies to produce a carbon fiber helmet, in addition to helmets that use Kevlar in their helmet designs.

Their latest model, the Shoei GT-Air 2 Solid is one of the top quietest motorcycle helmets you can buy. While this isn’t a very large company, they still manage to crush the competition and have created quite the loyal fan base of riders who appreciate the durable, lightweight materials and innovative designs.

The company has a reputation for producing safe, durable helmets that come equipped with five-year warranties. Their helmets are known for their noise reduction capabilities, even when you’re flying at top speeds. Because of this, riders don’t have to wear earplugs to reduce wind noise when riding.

Many of their helmets also come equipped with a three hundred and sixty-degree pivot locking system that’s designed to meet road standards. Their helmets also usually come equipped with internal sun visors, which are a must-have for protection against the sun and intense temperatures.

Their products come in a wide range of styles, sizes, colors, and fits, giving potential buyers a wide range of helmets to choose from. However, compared to competing brands, these helmets are pretty pricey, which can make them a poor option for the rider on a tight budget.



This company has been in business since the early 1970s and manufactures motorcycle helmets exclusively. This brand is very popular all over the world, although they remain one of the leading manufacturers in America. This brand has remained popular over the years because of its affordable, stylish, and comfortable product lines.

They offer an extensive line of helmets in a variety of price brackets. This company takes product testing to a whole new level, using a wind tunnel testing lab to design and perfect their helmet’s ventilation systems, aerodynamics, and noise-canceling abilities.

Over the years they have continued to perfect their technology using innovative testing methods that are designed to improve rider safety and comfort. Their helmets are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors, and they’re designed for all head shapes and sizes.

Many of their models are equipped with earplugs that are highly functional and designed to reduce any unwanted noise. Their helmets also come equipped with rear exhaust ventilation systems that offer top of the line breathability.



Bell has been around for years and their helmets have been made famous by many movie stars over the last several decades. They also designed the first full-face helmet back in 1971. Their helmets are both functional and stylish and are still used today by many of the leading motocross racers.

Bell currently makes ¾ helmets, half, and the best full-face helmets on the market. They are known for their extreme attention to detail, with their beautifully designed helmets that also rate high in terms of comfort.

Aside from heavily padded helmets, they also feature top of the line ventilation systems and a lightweight design that makes the helmets more comfortable to wear. Their helmets come equipped with quick release shields, which really make their models stand out from the competition. Aside from motorcycle helmets they also produce bicycle helmets that have earned a reputation for safety and comfort.

With this brand, the rider can choose from helmets that are designed for everyday use, or off-road riding. All of their helmets are covered by a warranty and are both SNELL and DOT approved. Their products are available in a variety of styles and designs that will suit all types of riding styles.

They’re also one of the only companies on the market that feature a dedicated line of helmets that are designed for women only. One of the biggest drawbacks you’ll encounter with some of their helmets involves a lack of sufficient padding. Some models also have issues with seams and stitching, which can lead to discomfort. Some of their helmets are heavier than the average full-face models, which can also be a drawback for the rider in need of a helmet they can wear several hours a day for a cross country adventure.



This company was established way back in 1926. This is another Japanese manufacturer that has produced helmets that are popular all over the world. These helmets are hand-built, which is pretty impressive. Additionally, each of their helmets undergoes extensive quality control testing at every stage of production.

Each helmet is tested after the shell of the helmet has been produced, with an additional test after the helmet is painted. The last test takes place once the helmets are ready for packaging. Their helmets also have a reputation for meeting and exceeding SNELL testing requirements.

In terms of comfort, each helmet is heavily padded and comes equipped with a ventilation system. These helmets are known for their comfortable design and ability to minimize wind noise. Comfortable and lightweight, they’re very easy to carry and use.

Many come equipped with a chin wind deflector that works to cut out wind instantly. This feature is not found on any competing brands. However, their helmets are pretty pricey, which makes them a poor choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option.



This company was established in 1973 in Italy. This company makes some of the safest helmets on the market, exceeding DOT safety requirement standards. They also have a premium look and feel and they’re offered at a reasonable price.

Each helmet is covered by a five-year warranty, which is pretty impressive. They also beat out other brands in terms of comfortable full-face models that are lightweight and come loaded with vents that improve the helmet’s breathability and the wearer’s comfort. They also produce an advanced pin lock system shield that offers broader and better visibility.

Their modular line of helmets is by far their most popular and features the latest in helmet tech. These helmets are usually limited to clear face shield models, while other brands offer smoke faced shields, which are a better option for day riding.

For noise reduction, these helmets come with a dedicated pair of ear covers, which will cut down on wind noise. This can be a potential safety issue for riders who attempt to remove them since the entire lining must be removed.

If you’re new to riding and you’re not sure which brand to go with, or which type of helmet you should use, click here to learn more.

Final Thoughts

The best motorcycle helmet brands offer more options in a variety of price brackets, styles, shapes, and sizes. Many of the companies I’ve included here have been around for decades and have earned a reputation for their innovative designs, extensive testing, quality control, and their attention to detail.

These are the brands that set the standard in the industry, and the ones that are going to easily outlast the competition, since they’re able to provide potential buyers with something competing brands can’t which is affordable, safer, comfortable and highly breathable helmets that are designed to provide top of the line protection in the event of an accident.