ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet Review

The latest modular helmet by ILM features built-in LED lights designed to make you highly visible on the road, a lightweight design that allows you to ride longer, in total comfort, and a comfortable liner that’s designed to provide top of the line impact protection in the event of an accident. This model is also available in a wide range of colors and sizes, so you can choose a model based on your style and personal preference.

Our Verdict: This helmet is available in eleven colors, comes with built-in LED lights that will make you more visible at night, and features a quick-release clasp system, compete with a removable liner, and a ventilation system that will keep you nice and cool in hot weather. The hinge system doesn’t add too much weight to the helmet’s design, which is a big change compared to the standard modular helmet.

This helmet’s lightweight design is one of its biggest selling points. Weighing in at just under five pounds, this model is designed to reduce discomfort and prevents neck strain, while improving user comfort, so you can ride longer.

The price is also right, despite its tech-heavy design. The helmet’s aerodynamic shape will cause the air to move over the top and around the sides of the helmet, working to reduce drag. The only issue you’ll come across is the wind noise that occurs when you leave the adjustable vents wide open, but this is a common issue with most modular and full-face helmets. Overall, this model comes loaded with all the right features, including a DOT approved design, lightweight materials that are impressively durable, and a ventilation system that will keep you comfortable and cool all summer long.

Overview and Features

This is a helmet that comes loaded with all the bells and whistles the rider is looking for, including an aerodynamic design, adjustable strap system, LED lights, and a removable liner. Typically, modular helmets are very heavy, due to the large hinge system located on the chin bar.

But this manufacturer has thought of everything. The lighter design will allow you to ride longer, without causing neck strain or user fatigue. This well-built helmet is perfect for short rides around town, but the comfortable design will also allow you to use it for long distance rides, in a variety of weather conditions.

Considered one of the leading motorcycle helmet brands in the industry, ILM is one of those companies that’s constantly improving their helmet design, focusing on safety and feature heavy models that look futuristic and feature an aerodynamic design that can improve your riding experience.

ILM Motorcycle Dual Visor Flip up Modular Full Face Helmet

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

  • Built-in LED lights
  • Lightweight design
  • Removable liner
  • DOT approved
  • Anti-scratch, fog-resistant face shield
  • Adjustable strap system

LED Lights

This model features large, bright red LED lights on the back of the helmet that is adjustable and will flash at the pace of your choosing. Changing the light function is as simple as pressing a button located on the back of the helmet, directly below the lights.

You can choose from a few different flashing speed options, or you can opt to switch the lights off. The lights are designed to make the rider highly visible on the road at night, so it’s a great safety feature to have. To use the light feature, you’ll need a couple of AAA batteries, which should be removed for storage.


This is a modular helmet, so the visor features the typical modular hinge design, which will allow you to detach or attach the visor in order to swap the clear visor for the smoky option. The ability to remove the visor also allows you to easily wipe it down after a long ride.

The clear visor should be used at night, while the smoky visor is specifically designed to handle bright light conditions, allowing you to easily see even in bright sunlight. Both visors feature an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating. The anti-fog coating will prevent the visor from fogging up in humid or hot weather conditions.

The manufacturer also produces an extensive line of modular helmet visors, so you can order a different type or style directly from the manufacturer. To learn more, click here to read my guide that will walk you through how to choose a new visor for your helmet.

This model also features a visor toggle switch that will allow you to extend or retract the inner black visor instantly.


The chin strap is highly adjustable and made out of polyester. The quick-release clasp features a release pull function that allows you to quickly remove the helmet, making this model the perfect choice for the rider who is tired of the standard D-ring strap system, which can be difficult to adjust.


The sleek ventilation slots on the sides and front of the helmet can be closed or open based on personal preference and weather conditions. The vents are designed to keep you cool in hot weather. However, if the vents are left open you can expect high wind noise inside the helmet.

Chin Curtain

The chin curtain release button is hidden by the chin strap and is removable. It’s designed to provide a higher degree of protection from the elements, protecting your neck from freezing wind and rain. The curtain will also come in handy to provide further protection from dust, dirt, and bugs.

Hinge System

By pressing a single button, you can flip up the helmet’s chin guard to expose your face, for some much-needed fresh air. On average, this type of hinge system can add significant weight to the helmet’s design. However, the manufacturer uses lightweight ABS materials that are designed to improve the helmet’s durability while keeping the weight down.

Modular helmets are often a great choice for the rider who wants protection that’s comparable to that of a full-face model, but a helmet that won’t cause you to overheat in hotter weather. So, if you’re riding around during the summer months and you need a breath of fresh air, you can take a break and open the front portion of the helmet for some much-needed relief.


The ear liners and top liner are removable and interchangeable. This will allow you to adjust the padding for a more comfortable fit. You can also remove them after a long ride and toss them in the wash, which will prevent odors.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Lightweight
  • Chin curtain
  • Low price
  • Removable liner
  • Quick-release strap
  • LED light
  • Adjustable vents


  • High wind noise when the vents are left open
  • Front of the helmet cannot be left open when you ride

ILM Versus Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet

The competing helmet by Vega is a half helmet model that can be a better option if you’re riding in intense heat. Most riders love the feel of the wind on their face, especially if they’re riding during the summer months.

Even with the ventilation system, this modular helmet can be uncomfortable to wear during the summer. However, the modular model can provide much better protection in the event of an accident, due to the chin bar that will protect the lower part of the face upon impact.

The open face helmet can’t compare in terms of protection and safety, but it can still be a great option for short rides around town. Unlike many competing models, the half helmet features a drop-down visor that will protect your eyes from the sun. It also comes with a dial system that will allow you to adjust the padding for a more custom, comfortable fit.

Like the modular helmet, the half-face model also features a quick-release clasp system that’s designed to make it easier to adjust the fit of the helmet and allows you to remove it quickly. If you’re looking for a helmet for the summer, one that allows you to experience the wind on your face, then obviously, the half helmet model is your best bet, but if you’re looking for ultimate protection in the event of an accident, then the modular helmet is a much safer option.

To learn more about other leading models on the market, click here to read my buyer’s guide.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The ILM motorcycle helmet comes with built-in LED lights that are designed to make you more visible at night, for safer riding. The dual visor design allows you to choose the right visor tint based on when you’re riding. The ventilation system is designed to keep you nice and cool during hot weather conditions, but it can also increase the wind noise inside the helmet if you leave the vents wide open. The helmet’s liner can be removed and washed, so you won’t have to deal with mold or odors. Unlike competing modular helmets, this model’s lightweight design promotes user comfort and allows you to wear the helmet for a longer period of time without experiencing neck strain or rider fatigue. This model earned a rating of four and a half out of five stars.