The Best Motorcycle Windshields for 2022 – Full In-Depth Buyer’s Guide!

Motorcycle driving with windshield

Motorcycle windshields are specifically designed to deflect wind, debris, bugs, and water away from you. That makes them truly a must-have during longer journeys or general highway driving. Choosing between some of the best motorcycle windshields, however, isn’t going to be easy. Models vary a lot in their shape, purpose, size, and material.

In this guide, I will walk you through some of my favorite windshield models for 2022. We will also take a closer look at each of the individual features that make a windshield good. Now, let’s start with a brief comparison chart that will allow us to compare some of the top models...

Motorcycle Windshields Comparison Chart

Our Rating
Slipstreamer S-06C
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15 inPolycarbonateYes
PUIG 0869H
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20 inPolycarbonateYes
Amazicha Smoke Tint
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6 inPolycarbonateNo
Memphis Shades MEP8551
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5 inLuciteNo
Krator JBM-60006-A
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17 inABSNo
Harley Davidson 10"
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10 inPolycarbonateNo
Memphis Shades Demon
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18 inLuciteYes
Puig 4620H Light Smoke
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20 inPolycarbonateYes
EGO BIKE Clear 1816
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18 inAcrylicYes
Goldfire Universal
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10 inAcrylicYes

Slipstreamer S-06C Motorcycle WIndshield

Our Rating: (5/5)

Slipstreamer is one of the leading brands when it comes to motorcycle windshields. They have been around for quite a while and their models are always on top of most top 10 lists. I personally think that the Slipstreamer S-06C is one of the best aftermarket alternatives out there. Despite its higher price tag, this windshield provides a ton of protection, is very durable, and is fairly easy to install on most bikes out there.

The S-06C comes with all the hardware you will need to install it. The black anodized aluminum hardware parts are easy to use and will allow for even easier adjustments when the windshield is on. The material from which the main part is made is polycarbonate.

It has incredible long-term durability to it and is less prone to shattering or chipping compared to acrylic alternatives. Still, being made out of polycarbonate is one of the main reasons this windshield is that expensive.

This model from Slipstreamer measures 17 1/4 inches across and 15 inches in height. Its slightly taller design makes it a solid choice for most cruiser bikes out there. The plastic is crystal clear and provides a good view out.

However, there is also a smoked version of the S-06 which is darker and might fit your bike better. All in all, this is a lightweight option that is easy to install and will be good for years, so if you aren’t on a tight budget, this should be on top of your shortlist!


  • Premium quality
  • Crystal clear view out
  • Comes as a smoked version
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Fairy easy to mount
  • Compatible with lots of motorcycles
  • Tall design
  • Won’t fade over time


  • Very expensive
  • Not a quick-release model
  • Not ideal for sports bikes

PUIG 0869H Light Smoke Naked Universal Windshield

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Puig is another brand that has been dominating in the last 10 years. Their Puig 0869H naked universal windshield is an excellent choice due to its low price, good overall build quality, and choice of colors. It is also fairly lightweight compared to its competitors, making it a solid option.

Measuring 20-inches tall, this is one of the biggest windshields on this list. It is also quite wide and deep, resulting in maximum protection for the rider in all weather. Everything is precisely-cut and the quality is generally good.

While the windshield is made out of polycarbonate just like the Slipstreamer S-06C, it isn’t as premium. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it also costs half the price which is perfect for people on a tighter budget.

The fitment of the 0869H is universal but there might be some slight variations depending on your model. The windshield comes with its own mounting hardware pre-attached to it. It also comes with instructions that let you know how to put it on different models.

In general, this particular model is made to fit bikes with an 8-inch round front headlight. These will be mostly cruisers, so if you’re looking for something for your sports bike, this isn’t the right model for you.

The 0869H comes in three color variations – dark smoke, light smoke (current one), and black. This is pretty cool because it gives you more choice depending on how you want to customize the looks of your motorcycle. All of the options come with hardware and instructions and they all cost the same, so it ultimately boils down to your personal preference. In conclusion, this is a solid and well-rounded windshield that is meant for just a select group of bikes. If you fit the criteria, I say go for it!


  • Very tall
  • Lightweight construction
  • Good build quality
  • Polycarbonate construction
  • Comes in three colors
  • Quite cheap
  • Comes with hardware and instructions


  • Fits only a specific group of bikes
  • Not good for sports bikes
  • Doesn’t come in a clear version
  • Not adjustable

Amazicha Smoke Tint 6″ Windshield

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Amaizcha Smoke Tint 6″ windshield is one of your best options if you’re looking for a windshield for your Harley. It is compatible with a ton of models including the Touring, Street Glide, Electra Glide (FLHT, FLHTC, FLHX), and others from the years 1997 to 2013.

Despite its relatively small size, this is the cheapest windshield made out of polycarbonate on this list. This high-quality PC really helps prolong the windshield’s life and won’t require as much maintenance as some other acrylic alternatives.

The windshield itself is 6 inches tall and wide enough to fit the specific Harleys’ front bars. Since Harleys have a traditionally high front, it doesn’t really need all that height to deflect wind away from your face. However, if 6 inches isn’t enough for you, there are 8-inch versions.

On the flip side, there are also 5-inch versions for shorter people. In terms of colors, there are also a ton of options including beige, black, and smoke, all coming with different height options. However, there is no clear option like on some other windshields out there.

Despite it being a fairly easy install, this particular windshield doesn’t come with instructions nor with the mounting hardware. And while I understand that this is one of the reasons it is cheaper than its competitors, I would’ve still liked to see some accessories come with it.

It is also non-adjustable, so you will have to make sure you’ve installed it right from the first time. In short, if you’re looking for a replacement windshield for your Harley and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg for the OEM version, this one fits the bill quite nicely!


  • Compact design
  • Fits certain Harleys very good
  • Widescreen construction
  • Polycarbonate
  • Comes in a few size and color opitons
  • Very cheap
  • Maintenance-free
  • Fairly easy to install


  • Doesn’t come in a clear version
  • Not adjustable
  • Very small
  • Doesn’t come with hardware nor instructions
  • Not compatible with Road King and Road Glide models

Memphis Shades MEP8551 Smoke Windshield

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Perhaps no list of motorcycle windshields is truly complete without mentioning Memphis Shades. They are one of the USA’s home-grown brands that excel in the production of high-quality motorcycle fairings and windshields.

They are known for their batwing fairing and curved and short windshields attached to them. This particular model is the 5-inch version that fits all Memphis Shades batwing fairings and it comes in Smoke color.

While the MEP8551 is one of the most expensive acrylic models out there, it is actually made out of Lucite. For those of you who don’t know, Lucite is still a type of acrylic, often referred to as “plexiglass”. It is a premium acrylic compound that doesn’t scratch very easily.

And even when it does, it is easy to buff and it won’t fade away very fast. However, it might fog up over the years, which won’t be fixable and is a known downside of all acrylic windshields out there.

This particular model also comes in 2 more sizes – 6.5 and 9 inches. Still, mounted on top of the batwing fairing, the 5-inch version is actually more than good enough since the front of such bikes is often raised higher. There are no hardware parts or instructions that come in the package but the windshield itself is pretty straightforward to put. It isn’t adjustable nor does it have a quick-detach mechanism but all of that is okay since it isn’t geared towards this part of the market anyway.

One of my biggest issues with it is the price. If you’re not on a tight budget and want a premium aftermarket windshield for your batwing fairing, this is it.


  • USA-made
  • Comes in three sizes
  • Very durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t fade over time
  • Fits all MS batwing fairings


  • Not very tall
  • Doesn’t come with hardware
  • No instructions
  • Very expensive

Krator JBM-60006-A Quarter Fairing Windshield Kit

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Krator JBM-6006-A windshield is a unique and highly-functional kit that is geared for Harley owners. More specifically, this will fit Harley models such as the XL, FXR, Dyna, and Iron 883 XL883N models. Unlike other models on this list, it is actually a whole fairing windshield kit that comes pre-installed and only needs 10-20 minutes’ worth of work to be fully installed on your Harley.

That being said, this kit also enhances the look of your bike which makes it kind of unfair to compare it to other “simple” windshields here. Still, the windshield portion of it is made out of very dark ABS plastic. This type of material scratches fairly easily compared to polycarbonate but is more flexible.

It is also relatively cheap, making the whole kit cheaper than most polycarbonate windshields out there. Also unlike other models on this list, this one can be adjusted after you’ve installed it. It has two positions in which it can sit depending on your preferences.

The fairing body is also compatible with other detachable windshields if you ever want to replace the main one due to haze or excessive scratches. The overall height of the windshield is 17 inches from the base of the fairing. There are no color or size options available which isn’t ideal but the price does make this a must-have if you’re looking to change the front of your Harley a bit.


  • 2 adjustment positions
  • Includes a whole fairing and windshield kit
  • Compatible with certain Harleys
  • Looks great
  • Fairly durable


  • No hardware included
  • A bit difficult to install
  • Expensive
  • No color or size options available

Harley Davidson 10″ Light Tint Windshield

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Next on this list is another windshield meant for Harley-Davidsons. It is an ultrawide 10-inch screen that works for Street Glide, Electra Glide, Ultra Classic, and Tri-Glide models from 1996 to 2013. As an OEM replacement, this one is fairly cheaper than what the original would cost but it does have its own set of drawbacks. For starters, there are no size or color options available. This is a major disadvantage compared to its competitors since a lot of people prefer customizing their bike to their taste and that includes the color of the windshield.

Still, it is not all bad. What I personally love about this particular windshield is that it is made out of Makrolon 7130 polycarbonate compound. This is one of the toughest transparent substances out there and is used only in premium motorcycle windshields.

That feature alone is more than good enough of a reason for you to get this model. It will last for ages, won’t haze, and will be tough to chip or scratch. Another thing that I really like is that it is USA-made and all parts of the production process happen on home soil. This includes designing it, CNC cutting it, and chamfering the edges.

As I mentioned, there are no variations for this particular windshield. There also aren’t any instructions or mounting hardware that come with it. However, it is a fairly simple process to put it on and it cannot be adjusted after that, so make sure you put it right.

All in all, this is a windshield designed for certain Harleys as an OEM replacement at a cheaper price so if your bike fits the criteria, I would suggest considering this alternative!


  • Extremely durable
  • High-quality OEM replacement
  • Widescreen
  • Makrolon polycarbonate
  • USA-made
  • Perfect fit


  • A bit expensive
  • Not suitable for a ton of models like other universal windshields
  • No mounting hardware or instructions
  • No color or size options

Memphis Shades Demon Windshield

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Memphis Shades Demon is one of their highest-selling models for a few very good reasons. It is a clear model from the brand in a market where clear models are surprisingly rare these days. It is also made out of high-quality acrylic and is very large.

However, all that results in it being one of the most expensive windshields on this list and on the market as a whole. This brings us to the question – is it really worth it?

Well, yes and no. For me, there are quite a lot of cheaper alternatives that are also made out of polycarbonate and will last longer. However, certain people really love the way Lucite (plexiglass) feels and performs on their bikes.

It provides a crystal clear view out and it is very flexible and durable. It also doesn’t chip, is very hard to scratch, and buffs out everything rather easily (unlike polycarbonate). This particular model is around 18 inches tall and more than 20 inches wide. Being that big, it provides a ton of wind and debris protection for the rider, tremendously improving ride quality.

There are clear, black smoke, gradient black, and solar options available in terms of color gradients. In terms of sizes, it doesn’t have many options. The fitment is universal and it does come with mounting hardware.

The handlebar clamps are made out of polished billet aluminum and fit 1-inch and 7/8-inch handlebars. It is made for motorcycles with round headlights, though, so keep that in mind. All in all, if you ignore the price, this is indeed one of the best all-rounders out there. However, with a price that steep, it might sometimes be hard to ignore.


  • Great all-rounder
  • Excellent durability
  • Fits most motorcycles with round headlights
  • Crystal clear view out
  • Cleans easily
  • Large body
  • Comes in 4 color gradients
  • Premium build-quality
  • Comes with polished billet aluminum clamps


  • Extremely expensive
  • Not adjustable
  • Can create a lot of drag for smaller motorcycles
  • Lucite has its downsides

Puig 4620H Light Smoke Universal Windshield

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The second model from PUIG on this list is the 4620H. It is a slightly more affordable and more universal windshield that is geared towards faster and lower-sitting motorcycles.

The 4620H is 20 inches tall from its base, making it quite big. It also has a pretty steep attack angle, allowing it to deal with the slipstream quite well. From the first look you lay on it, you can tell it is designed for sportier bikes rather than big ol’ cruisers. It is also fairly lightweight compared to other 20-inch models.

This particular model is made out of polycarbonate. We’ve already covered the differences on quite a few occasions but I just wanted to mention it in case you were wondering why this windshield is a bit more expensive than other acrylic versions.

Just like the PUIG 0869H, this particular model comes with its mounting hardware pre-installed. The fitment is the same as it is across all PUIG models and everything is precise and falls neatly into place. There are no adjustment options, however, so make sure you do it right from the get-go.

Another thing that I don’t particularly enjoy is that there are no size nor color options available and you are stuck with this light smoke version. This is a major downside for people that are looking for a similarly-sized crystal polycarbonate windshield at a good price. Still, I would recommend this if you’re looking for a large windshield for a sportier bike.


  • Universal fit
  • Polycarbonate
  • Comes with hardware
  • Quite durable
  • Unique design
  • Easy to mount


  • Not adjustable
  • A bit expensive
  • Scratches cannot be buffed out

EGO BIKE Clear 1816 Motorcycle Windshield

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Ego Bike Clear 1816 Motorcycle Windshield is a widescreen alternative that is compatible with most motorcycles from Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, and the Sportster, Dyna, Glide, and Softail models from Harley-Davidson. Thanks to its acrylic construction, this windshield is quite big while maintaining a decent price compared to similarly-sized polycarbonate options.

The Clear 1816 comes with mounting hardware unlike most other models in this price range. It is built to fit bikes with 1 or 7/8-inch handlebars. Also unlike most other windshields in this price range, it is fully adjustable in both height and attack angle.

This allows it to work on all sorts of motorcycles. It also makes it fairly practical for people who ride their motorcycles in both summer and winter. What’s even better is that you get all the installation hardware needed with it without having to look for additional parts. The acrylic construction allows this windshield to be flexible, crystal clear, and easy to clean after a long journey. It also helps keep the price down.

Thanks to its large size (18 x 16 inches) it is also one of the bigger models on this list. That helps it offer plenty of protection for the rider against wind, rain, debris, and bugs. Unfortunately, you cannot get this windshield/fairing in any other size or color. The brand offers differently colored windshields but they aren’t quite like this model right here. All in all, this is a perfect OEM replacement for your Harley windshield if you’re on a tighter budget.

18 inches tall, acrylic, comes with mounting hardware


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to see through
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comes with all the necessary hardware
  • Relatively easy to install
  • Fully adjustable


  • Not very durable in the long-run
  • Not great for sports bikes
  • No size or color options

Goldfire Universal Motorcycle Windshield

Our Rating: (4/5)

Last and maybe least on this list is the Goldfire Universal Motorcycle Windshield. Unlike the rest of the full-sized models on this list, this one serves more of an add-on function. It has a clamping mechanism that allows it to attach to already existing windshields. That helps extend the effective air protection range of your original windshield and also raises the slipstream higher in order to avoid buffeting around your helmet at certain speeds.

In terms of its construction, this add-on is made out of high-quality acrylic. This allows it to handle quite a lot of abuse, which is why people like getting it for faster bikes as well as dirt bikes. Even if it scratches, the acrylic surface allows for scratches to be easily buffed out.

However, there might be some hazing after a few years, especially if the bike stays under direct sunlight a lot. Size-wise, it is quite small. It measures around 10 inches across and is slightly more than 5 inches tall.

Unfortunately, there are no size options, although there is a separate black version which is more of a dark smoke one. The windshield comes with all the mounting hardware you will need and is a fast-attach model, meaning taking it on and off will only take you a few minutes.

There is some amount of adjustability to it, although don’t expect it to change its angle too much once installed. The attachment is also very lightweight, making it easy to carry in your backpack on longer journeys. All in all, if you’re looking for a super-compact add-on for your windshield, this is an amazing find!


  • Very small and compact
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality acrylic
  • Scratches can be buffed out
  • Crystal clear
  • Can be adjusted
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Cheap


  • The build quality is mediocre
  • Not suitable for larger bikes
  • Can haze over time
  • Long-term durability is questionable

Motorcycle Windshields Buyer’s Guide

In this section of the guide, we will talk more about the different kinds of windshields out there, the materials they are made out of, and the different features that you have to focus on when shopping for a new windshield. Before we even discuss things like the size and style, let’s take a look at the different possibilities for a motorcycle windshield out there…

Types of Motorcycle Windshields

Based on the materials they are made out from, motorcycle windshields can be separated into two large groups:

  • Acrylic motorcycle windshields
  • Polycarbonate motorcycle windshields

Acrylic (or lucite) models are some of the most common ones out there. The reason for that is that they are usually cheaper than polycarbonate ones. However, they are nowhere near as durable as the polycarbonate models and scratch much easier.

And while scratches do buff out fairly easily, these windshields will slowly lose their clarity over time. Apart from being cheap, another huge benefit of theirs is that they don’t fade over time due to sun exposure.

Note: Lucite (known as plexiglass) and Acrylic are basically the same, chemically speaking. However, you can view Lucite as the best version of acrylic that is sold out there, hence why some Lucite windshields will be more expensive than their acrylic alternatives.

Polycarbonate motorcycle windshields, on the other hand, are much tougher. They are built to withstand damage from road debris and scratches. Another bonus of theirs is that they are more flexible and are even harder to shatter than the acrylic windshields.

That makes them the ideal all-in-one solution for bikers that like to ride in all sorts of weather. However, there are a few disadvantages here as well. For starters, these windshields fade over time. On top of that, they cannot be repaired as easily as the acrylic models, if at all. Lastly, they are also quite a bit more expensive than the acrylic windshields.

Apart from the material from which they are made, motorcycle windshields can be also classified depending on their installation or adjustability. Some models can be detached from your bike at any given point while others have a more permanent bolt-on approach that requires time to take on and off. Additionally, windshields can be either in a fixed shape/position or adjustable, allowing you to change their height or angle.

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Features to Look For

Black shiny motorcycle

There are quite a lot of features that you will have to consider when getting a windshield for your bike. Some of the most important ones are:

  • Height & Size
  • Adjustability
  • Mounting
  • Style
  • OEM or Aftermarket
  • Durability
  • Price

Height & Size

When it comes to the windshield’s size, you should focus more on the height rather than the width. Windshields are typically divided into two categories based on their size – short and tall. In the ideal case, the topmost part of the windshield should be right around your nose. Your eyes should look over it rather than through it. The reason for that is that sometimes the windshield might be too dirty or foggy to see certain details on the road. Having a windshield too short, however, might send the slipstream straight into your helmet’s visor which can be uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous.

Before buying a helmet, hop on your bike and do a few rough measurements. If your bike came with an original windshield before, you can check online to see the exact height (and even width) of the OEM windshield it came with.


As I already mentioned, there are motorcycle windshields that are fixed once installed. Also, and more and more commonly these days, there are models that can be adjusted once installed. The main benefit of having an adjustable windshield for your motorcycle is the fact that you will be able to redirect the airflow depending on your conditions.

For instance, on hotter days, you will be able to make the windshield angle more narrow. That will direct the slipstream lower for better aerodynamics (and cooling if the wind is colder than your body temperature). On cold days, on the other hand, you will be able to raise the windshield upright, allowing it to protect you from the cold chill.


Depending on how you handle your bike, you might want to consider getting a fixed or quick-release windshield. Fixed windshields are better for riders that don’t mind having the windshield on when storing or transporting the bike.

For people that prefer removing the windshield depending on the situation and conditions, a quick-detach windshield is a must. These tend to have a quick-release mechanism that allows you to remove the windshield within a few moments. Have in mind that this quick-release mechanism almost never compromises the rigidity and safety of the windshield.


Out of all the features that you have to consider, this one is the most subjective out of them all. Motorcycle windshields come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, tints, and more. This makes them quite diverse and unfortunately doesn’t make your choice easier. You might wanna browse the forums first to see if someone else has tried something on your bike’s model and whether that particular solution worked (visually-wise).

If you want your bike to look unique, it certainly is worth spending a little extra time on figuring out the right combination between color, shape, and size. Just make sure you don’t sacrifice too much of the windshield’s purpose of protection just for a few extra style points.

OEM or Aftermarket

classic motorcycle

The question of OEM vs Aftermarket has been around since motor vehicles existed. While OEM options do fit and perform the best, they often are the most expensive option out there. This is why aftermarket alternatives exist in the first place and motorcycle windshields are no exception to that rule.

There are countless aftermarket windshields that look good and perform just as well as your bike’s OEM windshield which will cost quite a bit more and might even deteriorate faster than some quality aftermarket brands. Such brands are PUIG, Memphis Shades, Slipstreamer, Sled Shields, and more.

Still, if you’re having a hard time choosing an aftermarket option and you aren’t on a tight budget, I recommend sticking with OEM. You can’t go wrong with a windshield that was specifically designed for your bike and the long-term durability will most likely be one of the, if not the best out of all your available options.


The durability of the windshield will be primarily determined by the material from which it is made. As I mentioned earlier, polycarbonate windshields are very tough and are typically good for more than just a few seasons. However, they also scratch and are almost impossible to buff, unlike the Acrylic alternatives.

Polycarbonate windshields also fade. In other words, if you want something that can get buffed easily and won’t turn yellow in a few summers, I suggest choosing an acrylic windshield. If you want your windshield to be as tough as possible, go for a polycarbonate model.


Last but never the least is the price of the windshield. Just like with durability, the material of the windshield will be the primary factor that determines the cost of the model. On top of that, whether it is OEM or aftermarket will also have a huge role in the final price.

Acrylic models are the cheapest. OEM polycarbonate windshields can easily break your bank, especially if you’re riding a model that is rare or newer. Still, this is one of your bike’s accessories that (in my opinion) you shouldn’t cheap out on.

Benefits of having a windshield on your bike

The question of whether motorcycles need windshields has been around as long as bikes existed. The majority of bikers prefer having them. However, there is still a large group of people that insists on windshield having no effect on their ride, subsequently fueling a semi-high demand for the so-called “naked” bikes.

Without going too deep into this particular discussion, I just want to highlight to you some of the main benefits of having a good windshield on your motorcycle. These are:

  • Improved aerodynamics – As your logic might suggest, having a windshield in front of your bike will make it much slicker. Windshields with a narrower angle will slip better through the incoming air and will create less drag than upright windshields. However, having a tall and upright windshield will protect you better against everything that might be coming your way.
  • Keeps you cool or warm – If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle in the winter you know that nothing feels worse than being blasted by the cold air constantly. Windshields will give your body much-needed rest from that and will allow you to keep your core temperature relatively high, assuming you have the right gear on. On the other hand, the windshield will keep you from facing the hot wind in the summer that will dehydrate you. Typically the wind in the summer can keep you cooled down. However, in most of the summer states, the temperature above the tarmac goes way beyond that of the body, resulting in a hot wind that raises your core temperature and dehydrates you at the same time. A big enough windshield will keep you protected in that case.
  • Water protection – It goes without saying that one of the best purposes of a good motorcycle windshield is to protect you from water splashes from other cars and rain. Things can be taken a step further if you treat your windshield with a hydrophobic spray to keep your visibility crisp on those rainy days.
  • Debris protection – While your gear and helmet typically do a good job of protecting you from small pebbles and other debris flying into you, having a windshield take all the damage for you is not a bad idea. Most bugs and road debris will hit the windshield instead of you which will save you some pain.
  • Improved comfort – The end result of all of the above-mentioned pros is that the overall comfort of your bike is quite improved. That is especially notable on longer journeys where you ride a few hours at a time. Your bike being less tiring is actually a welcome benefit on longer journeys since you will be able to cover more ground before needing a long rest.

With that being said, there are also some notable downsides that also have to be mentioned. Some of the most commonly discussed ones are:

  • Aesthetics – While that isn’t my personal opinion, a lot of my friends find their bikes much prettier without a windshield. The lack of a windshield is often associated with higher-end sports bikes. However, that also attracts the unwanted attention of most police units, so you can also see having a windshield as an advantage in that regard.
  • Limited visibility – Depending on the windshield, you can have your visibility reduced. That is even more apparent once the windshield becomes plastered with dead bugs or fades due to the constant exposure to the sun. For that reason, you should keep it clean, polished, and if needed – you have to replace it.
  • Buffeting – One of the more uncomfortable effects of a windshield is that it creates air turbulence above your helmet. That is called wind buffeting and is very uncomfortable. It only happens at certain speeds, so it isn’t a huge issue, but it is still a downside worth mentioning.
  • Harder steering – Motorcycles without a windshield are easier to steer for a variety of reasons, drag and weight being one of the main two. Additionally, you will feel wind gusts more while having your windshield on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a motorcycle windshield make a difference?

While some bikes can perform well when “naked”, motorcycle windshields truly make a difference on longer journeys. Not only do they keep you warmer by deflecting the incoming airflow but they also keep you safe from pebbles, insects, and other debris. In terms of drag or speed, it might actually surprise you that windshields deflect airflow in a way that reduces your overall drag and increases your top speed and fuel efficiency.

What is the best height for a motorcycle windshield?

There is no ideal height when it comes to windshields as they can serve different purposes. However, as a rule of thumb, you can keep the upper edge of the windshield at the level of your nose. That way, you won’t have it too big or too small and it will keep the airflow just above your head.

Do small motorcycle windshields really work?

In general, smaller windshields are geared more towards aerodynamics and don’t have your comfort or protection in mind as much. That being said, they are still arguably better than having no windshield at all, especially if you’re riding a racing bike and your stance is usually lower.

What is motorcycle buffering?

In simpler terms, motorcycle buffering happens when the incoming air’s frequency matches one of your helmets. In turn, the helmet starts vibrating with the said frequency. This can lead to a variety of issues but above all, it is a rather unpleasant experience. Motorcycle buffering can blur your vision which is why it is considered very dangerous. Most motorcycle helmets are designed with it in mind, although a windshield is a much simpler solution to that.

Final Words

When choosing a new windshield for your motorcycle, you will have to first decide whether you will get an original manufacturer one or an aftermarket model. You should also pay attention to the materials and durability of the model you’ve picked.

As a whole, choosing the best motorcycle windshields for your bike is a relatively simple process once you’ve decided how you want to install it and whether you want it to be adjustable or not.