iASUS XSound 2.1 Helmet Speakers Review

The iASUS XSound 2.1 helmet speakers are versatile, beginner-friendly, and compatible with a wide range of communication systems and helmet styles. iASUS offers a large selection of motorcycle helmet speakers that are designed to enhance your riding experience.

The 2.1 is one of their biggest selling systems for a variety of reasons. It doesn’t come equipped with a built-in mic, which means you can’t use voice command controls, but the simple controls and sleek design make the speakers can easy and intuitive to use. Comfortable to wear and designed to last, these speakers are a steal for the price.

Our Verdict: These speakers don’t come with any fancy features, however, they can be used for an existing helmet communication system, smartphones, or MP3 players. The slimmer design has its pros and cons.

For the most part, the sleeker design will be a plus, considering the speakers can be used even in a snug-fitting helmet. However, the slim design can pose a problem if there is too much space between your ears and the speakers since this can have a negative impact on sound quality, especially in terms of air noise.

A loose fit will also fail to block out engine noise. When installed correctly, you’ll notice that the speakers offer excellent sound quality, especially in terms of bass response.

The volume level is average, which means you may have trouble clearly hearing GPS navigation directions and music when you’re riding on the freeway or in heavy traffic. Overall, the speakers offer the type of reliable performance that most riders need, but if you’re looking for speakers that are louder than your average headphones, then you’ll need to keep looking.

Overview and Features

These speakers feature a slim-fit design, which is what makes them so versatile. The sleek design allows you to easily install the speakers in different styles and types of motorcycle helmets, which is a big plus if you like to switch up the types of helmets you wear depending on the weather, the length of your trip, or where you ride.

While the speakers are fairly basic in design and don’t come equipped with a built-in mic, which would allow you to use voice command controls, they still offer the type of sound quality that all riders are looking for.

They offer a full, rich sound, impressive bass response, and a compact design, complete with easy mount tabs that make it fast and easy to swap the speakers from helmet to helmet. However, there will be some exceptions.

Before you buy, you’ll need to determine if these speakers will work for your specific helmet. If you normally wear a half helmet or a style of helmet that doesn’t completely cover your ears, then you shouldn’t purchase these speakers since they must be installed directly over the ears in order to enjoy optimal sound quality.

To learn more about helmet styles and which models will work for a speaker system, click here to read my guide that discusses what type of motorcycle helmets you should use.

iASUS XSound 2.1 Helmet Speakers

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

  • Slim fit design
  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with most helmets
  • Works with existing communication systems or smartphones
  • Low price
  • Heavy-duty cables


As I mentioned earlier, these speakers are compatible with a variety of motorcycle helmet styles, so you won’t have to purchase a helmet that has a recessed space inside to accommodate speakers. The speakers will work for an existing helmet communication system, or you can connect them directly to Android or iOS devices.


The speakers feature the standard 3.5-millimeter gold-plated connector and a forty-millimeter driver. The speakers themselves are very slim and compact, measuring in at 1.8 inches, with a diameter of just a little over half an inch.

The speaker covers are very plush, with just the right level of thickness so you’ll have plenty of space inside the helmet, without being uncomfortable. These speakers have a rugged design, complete with a steel chassis, so they can easily handle life on the road.


Installing these speakers is a breeze. They come equipped with a Velcro attachment tab, so you can use them for multiple helmets, without the worry that the mounting tab will lose its effectiveness over time.

Sound Quality

These are high definition speakers that deliver excellent sound quality. Turned all the way up, you won’t notice a dip in sound quality or any distortion.

If you often listen to bass-heavy tracks, then you’ll love the speaker’s excellent bass response. Even when you’re riding on a busy highway, you’ll notice the sound quality is top of the line, offering a richer, fuller sound that you won’t get from other models in this price bracket.


These speakers feature a slim fit design that will make it easy for you to simply attach the mounting tab and slide the speakers inside your helmet. When installing the speakers you’ll need to pay special attention to their placement, since the closer they are, the higher the volume and the better the sound quality.

The speakers should be placed directly over the ears. This helps to reduce audio degradation that’s caused by engine noise and wind.

This will help to optimize music fidelity. If you notice that there is too much space between your ears and the speakers, then I recommend purchasing a foam spacer kit from the manufacturer or switching to a helmet that offers a snug fit.

If you haven’t purchased a helmet yet, check out the sizing chart for each motorcycle helmet brand and read product reviews concerning the type of fit each helmet offers. You’ll have a better chance of these speakers working well for the helmet if the helmet itself offers a snug fit.

The included cable is the perfect length, so it won’t hinder your movements while you ride. The cords themselves consist of heavy gauge cables, which makes them incredibly durable.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Slim design
  • Works for most helmet styles
  • Can be used to upgrade a communication system or your smartphone
  • Low price
  • Durable, heavy-duty cables
  • Fast installation


  • Volume may not be loud enough when riding on the freeway
  • May need to purchase a foam spacer kit if there is space between the ears and helmet

iASUS Versus UClear Digital Pulse Wired Drop-in High Definition Helmet Speakers

The competing speaker set by UClear features high fidelity audio and also offers a sleek design that will allow you to easily slide these speakers in most styles of helmets. Like the iASUS speakers, the competing model doesn’t come with a built-in mic, so you won’t be able to use voice commands. This will be a drawback for the rider looking for a system that’s more convenient to use on the road.

The competing system does offer excellent sound quality, providing a rich, full sound, and simple controls that will allow you to quickly raise or lower the volume. They’re also a great choice if you want to upgrade the speakers in an existing helmet communication system. However, the competition is more versatile in terms of what types of helmets the speakers will work for.

Unlike the iASUS, you won’t have to worry about too much space between your ears and the helmet. Instead, the UClear speakers feature the right amount of thickness to block out engine and wind noise. Both are available at a comparable price and feature a durable design that ensures they can withstand heavy-duty use.

Since they share a similar design and are available at a low price, choosing between these speaker systems can be tricky, but if you want a set that you know offers a thicker design that will work for your helmet, then go with the competing model. If you wear a very snug fitting modular helmet or a full-face helmet, then these speakers by iASUS will be a better bet.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This set by iASUS is one of their leading motorcycle helmet speakers. The slim fit design makes the speakers more versatile and compatible with different styles of helmets including full face and modular. However, for some, there will be too much space between the helmet and the ears, which can negatively impact the sound quality due to the engine noise and wind noise. If this is the case, you’ll need to fork over more cash and purchase an iAUS brand foam spacer kit, which will instantly improve the speaker’s sound quality.

Aside from the issue with the slim fit design, the speakers themselves offer an excellent bass response, so you’ll appreciate the sound quality, especially if you normally listen to bass-heavy tracks. These speakers are also reasonably priced and can be used for multiple helmets. Overall, the speakers are a great investment for the rider in need of powerful speakers that can provide top of the line sound quality. I gave this set a rating of four and a half out of five stars.